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Rapid becomes Searchmetrics Essentials.

We have devoted a lot of detailed work to develop Rapid and are now very pleased to be able to present Essentials. Rapid will not be developed any further and it does not provide nearly as much detail, data and analysis as Searchmetrics Essentials.
Searchmetrics Essentials™
More SEO! More SEM! More Social! More Competition Analysis!
More Knowledge! More Success!
  • World’s largest database
  • Immediate competition analysis
  • Historic data
  • 15 countries available
Now search and compare! oder Now search and compare!

Core Functions

Keyword Research

Analyse search volumes, costs, competitors, Universal Search integration and trends for millions of keyword.

Visibility Charts

Searchmetrics Visibility Charts show domains that are currently the most visible. Find out who occupies the highest visibility position in 15 countries. Analyse the winners immediately!

Universal Search

For any domain, discover which entries in shopping, news, images or maps reveal keywords!


Get genuine user behaviour for any domain. Analyse which articles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+1, LinkedIn, SumbleUpon or Delicious will really spread.

What our users say...

Professor Mario Fischer
quote Marcus Tober and his team have for years been developing leading and trend-setting software solutions for the SEO sector. Searchmetrics und Linkvendor are innovative engines for the whole SEO scene and beyond. quote
Professor Mario Fischer
MD of tms-Institut and Professor at Würzburg University of Applied Sciences
Rand Fishkin
quote Searchmetrics‘ SEO tool suite is, as of 2009, the very best rank tracking and enterprise SEO metrics product I’ve seen. I will be recommending this to a lot of SEOmoz’s clients and col-leagues. The Searchmetrics team has built a product that provides precisely the functionality and data that SEO teams need. quote
Rand Fishkin